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​ADSAXIS is a programmatic advertising DSP (Demand Side Platform) which provides access to the leading mobile and desktop ad exchanges and SSPs (Supply Side Platforms). We help brands, agencies and performance advertisers increase conversions, engagement and ROI.


  • Worldwide Desktop and Mobile Advertising Traffic
  • Self Service Campaign Dashboard
  • 50+ Ad Exchanges and SSPs
  • Advanced Campaign Analytics & Reporting
  • No Minimum Budget Requirements - Pay as you Go
  • Media Buying Models: CPM, CPC, CPI
  • Track Mobile App Installs: AppsFlyer, Adjust, Branch
  • Ad Formats: Image Banners, HTML, JS Tags, Native, Video, PUSH and POP
  • Location Targeting: Country, City, IP address, latitude / longitude
  • Granular Targeting: Publisher Category, OS, OS version, Device, Carrier, WiFi, Time of Day, Ad Exchange or Device ID


  • Smaato is the global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. Smaato runs the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange and has been pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions for publishers since 2005.
  • Rubicon Project is a leading technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising. Relentless in its efforts for innovation, Rubicon Project has engineered one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month.
  • OpenX’s Ad Exchange is one of the largest programmatic digital advertising exchanges offering the highest-quality, independently-rated inventory. We understand that advertisers want full visibility into all available premium-advertising inventory and access to buy it at the fairest price. We know that marketplaces perform best when both sides of a transaction receive maximum value, and we built our Ad Exchange to ensure that happens.
  • Nexage is the leading mobile advertising exchange, creating a highly efficient and liquid market for publishers, developers, and buyers. Nexage is now part of Millennial Media.
  • Axonix is a fully transparent, RTB-enabled mobile advertising exchange. We help app developers and mobile publishers to maximise the value of their ad inventory through programmatic and real-time trading with brands, agencies and ad networks globally. Our proprietary, auction-based marketplace offers built-in fraud detection controls, full trading transparency and data-driven targeting options that enable advertisers to secure the optimal ad inventory to deliver the best campaign results. We serve billions of ads per month across more than 150+ countries, working with our 100+ demand partners to achieve industry-leading CPMs, CTRs and fill rates.
  • With a modular tech stack that can be customized for each client, PubMatic empowers publishers and media buyers with powerful solutions across channel, screen and format to meet their unique needs.
  • SmartyAds is a global programmatic solution consisting of RTB Ad Exchange for demand and supply partners and Open Marketplace for direct advertisers and publishers.
  • PubNative is a mobile publisher platform fully focused on native advertising. PubNative understands the specific needs of each publisher by creating non-intrusive and highly performing innovative ad integrations.
  • Vdopia is the global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile and online video advertising. We empower brands and publishers to run mobile and online video ads in an effortless and seamless manner using our proprietary .VDO technology. We are a mobile-first, technology driven company that offers programmatic mobile video buying and selling platform.
  • PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the use of location-aware mobile devices PulsePoint is building applications that work with local public safety agencies to improve communications with citizens, empowering them to help reduce the millions of annual deaths from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Deployment of the PulsePoint app can significantly strengthen the “chain of survival” by improving bystander response to cardiac arrest victims and increasing the chance that lifesaving steps will be taken prior to the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS).
  • We are passionate about knowledge and product, specialized in global scale digital marketing industry. Detecting patterns, opportunities and creating meaning narrative, we combine what appears to be unrelated ideas into strong innovative actionable ideas. We deliver excellent results in developing new products and creating new market segments with distinguished passion and diligence as one of professionals in the field.